Role: Digital Experience, Visual Design.


On-Running wanted a platform to showcase their trainer line on ultra performance. So we built 'Battle of the clouds' a unique consumer lead trainer league. This helped consumers pick the best performing trainer for their running style.

The Problem

The On-Running website provides all the information you would need to know to purchase your pair of shoes. However, it’s highly functional, lacking some of the engagement that could tip you from browsing to buying. The challenge is enhance the shoe finding experience by creating a greater level of engagement. There is an opportunity to introduce the competitive spirit that sits at the heart of the brand.


  • Audit existing trainer selection process
  • Prioritise actionable outcomes from Audit
  • Gather objectives from stakeholders
  • Initial wireframes / prototypes
  • Review with stakeholders
  • Iterate wireframes and user interface

  • Prototype and demo
  • Final designs
  • Presentation to stakeholders
  • Development
  • User acceptance testing
  • Analyse results
  • Iterate